News Update 4/8/19


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Welcome Back... (And we have a guest book )

oh hey...

if you can't tell, we had a name change. the both of us did.

we both developed over the years and completely forgot about this site, to be honest.

except for now (only me ( neon, I mean VHS))

We have plans for the site (hopefully). it may take a while but it shouldn't take too long...

if it does, feel free to call us out lol.


After we were gone we made a wiki of ourselves including our friends. (totally wasn't because we forgot we owned this site)

may including dark humor and our themes some may not be comfortable with.






------- News -------

*RECENT* 4/9/19 *RECENT*

sorry, for the lack of updates. i was busy with other stuff that i ended up forgetting about this site once again.
 if i keep being this lazy, this site wil never get out of under construstion. i will try my best next time to finish assets.



i guess it's Too Late to say Happy New Years
but before i can do anymore i got this tiny little problem i have to fix first.

1/16/19 quickie

Here we made a guestbook for now, so if you want you can go check it out.


Welp... while i'm working on the site i might as well give it a certain look.
even thought i've never used Windows 3.1.

i do plan on adding a guestbook soon or after the site is done.
so, i can hear all of your thought on the site.
i think y'all could just post a comment on my account or just like reply to my new post if i make one.

alright. Cya for now
-Vhs (Neon)


I kind forgetting to make assets for this site...






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but for now...





see ya later






Crap... Did They Catch Up To Me?





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